Pearly Peoile Papules is not a disease. It is a normal
Condition. About 15% of the world’s population has this disease. In some communities this coo be as bigb as 40%.. Especially in the genital area of people who have not been removed pre-skin, people who bave black or brown skin See more than other people in this pearly pesile papules. In this situation, no itching or pain is seen. If you feel pain or itching meet a doctor. Because
you should
sometimes Spreading over it

Also it never turns in to cancer later or does not interfere with sexual health. A lot of people ask if this is going down automatically. But unfortunately this is not automatically decrease. Even if there is no treatment for this, if someone is looking for a treatment he can meet a doctor and get treatment.

There are other diseases like this PPP. Actually then it is important to see a doctor. Skin diseases related to the genital area like PPP and at the same time, diseases caused by viruses. Virul warts, genital warts, molluscam and contagiousum are the examples for it. In above cases you should see a dermatologist. In today many young people suffering from depression due to this. If this is a normal situation, there are solutions for this diseases.

If you suffering from mentally ill because of this we have PPP remove methods for you. You can do cryotheraphy also called cryosurgery. It means use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen (or argan gas) to destroy pearly penile papules. If the blisters are very small it can be burned using acids. But these two methods can cause scarring.

There are two other methods for PPP. They are Electroporation and Laser method. In this time laser method is very popular among all people. Electroporation is a physical transfection method that uses an electroporation pulse. Lets see now another treatment. It is using laser method. Many people are afraid to laser. But laser is not radiation. It is a light. There are no long-term side effects like cancers. Also there is no risk of subsequent injury or fermentation as the laser treatment does not cause injury. After a laser treatment, patient becomes normal situations veey fast. It is a very good treatment for Pearly Penile Papules.



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