Genital warts are sexually disease that is transmitted by a virus. It is a disease that affects both men and women. It is a common disease. Genital warts are not just ordinary warts on our face, hand and feet. These warts are limited to the genital area. These are transmitted by sexual activity. The virus that causes genital warts is human papilloma virus (HPV). The main symptom after the virus enters the body is genital warts. There are no other symptoms in that virus. The other thing is that the virus can enter the body but cause no symptoms. A person infect with the virus can get this at certain times in his life..

genital warts

Actually, this cannot be identified by an test. Most importantly, there are other conditions such as warts. Therefore, it is important to see a qualified doctor and get an accurate diagnosis. Not all bumps are genital warts. These warts are not all pearly penile papules in men as well as vestibular papillomatosis in women. Many people understand wrongly this. So you should understand correct for your health. They are normal condition of the skin. Because they are not warts. It does not require any treatment. But if you have genital warts, it’s better you can get treatment suddenly.

     Although the virus cannot be removed, these warts can be removed from the body.  There are several treatments for this.  But the doctor decides the treatment to be given based on the various factors ( like how many warts are there? ) of the person concerned. 

Many factors also contribute to the success of this treatment. That is the nature of the warts, how widespread the warts are, whether the body is immune to chronic diseases and infections such as diabetes, especially people who smoke take longer to be successful in treatment.

genital warts

A variant of this virus is associated with cervical cancer in women. This is something that can happen very rarely. Women over the age 35 get a pap smear test every 5 years. So they can know it for sure.

Prevention of genital warts

• using a condom to prevent genital warts is not 100%safe . It only gives 30% to 50% protection. Therefore,it is important to keep in mind that genital warts can be spread even with a condom.

• genital warts can be prevented by restricting sexual contact to one trusted partner.

• An immunization injection has been introduced now for this.
How to remove the genital warts..

These treatments can remove genital warts. But it is temporary.

● You can do a surgery to remove this warts.
The person receive a local anaesthetic before a surgeon removes the warts.

● Electrocautery or burning warts with electric currents.
Uses an electric current to remove the warts.

● Cryosurgery or freezing warts.
Applies liquid nitrogen to the area, causing blisters to form around the warts.

● Laser treatment.
Removes the warts with an intensive beam of light.




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